Zara Blue Oversized Button-Down Tunic
H&M Brown Faux Leather Skinny Belt
J.Crew Friendship Bracelet
J.Crew Jade Etta Pumps
Fossil Rose Gold Boyfriend Watch
Danier Leather Red Cross Body (Tucked as a Clutch)

Happy Saturday Everyone! Throw back of my outfit from my trip to San Francisco. Sometimes a simple tunic with a skinny belt does the trick for early mornings when you don’t feel like putting in so much effort in what you’re wearing— especially for those lazy and indulge-in-breakfast days. You can pull out more of the tunic around the belt for some extra room after you’ve eaten and still look put together! I realized I’m wearing RBG colours…get it? #insertsdesignjoke 
Shout out to my J.Crew and ice cream-lovin’ girlfriend Nikki, since it’s her birthday!
Photos: Max Kandler

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Zara Oversized Blue Button-Down Tunic
H&M Brown Skinny Belt
J. Crew Jade Etta Pumps
J. Crew Friendship Bracelet 
Fossil Rose Gold Watch
Danier Red Crossbody (Made into a Clutch)

Throw back of my outfit from San Francisco in all blue. Quick and simple outfit for an early breakfast that one day in the Presidio area. Shout out for my girlfriend Nikki's birthday today!
Funny enough we both have a mild obsession for J. Crew and ice cream. x
Photos: Max Kandler

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SheInside Floral Short Sleeve Shirt 
Thrifted American Apparel Satin Skirt
Dad’s Vintage Giorgio Armani Belt
Aldo Thin-Strap Ankle Pumps
Winner’s Faux Leather Oversized Clutch

Happy belated Canada Day from Stoney Creek!
Shout out to my bestie, Cassandra D’Ambrosio for the shirt.

Photos: Cindy Nguyen

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Aritzia Wilfred Sabine Dress
TNA Anorak Military Jacket
Danier Leather Handbag
Fossil Rose Gold Watch
Nine West Capped Toe Flats

Another update from my trip to San Francisco. Walk to Lombard Street and to a secret park for an even higher view of the city. Followed by making a quick stop to Ghirardelli Square to ease the sweet tooth— included indulging in cupcakes, sundaes and chocolate purchases… For dinner, In-and-Out burger combo and clam chowder in Fisherman’s Wharf. For entertainment, went to Musee Mecanique, an antique coin operated arcade in the Fisherman’s Wharf with 1930s to 1950s restored carnival games and an old fashion Indiana Jones-themed pinball machine— the best part about this place was that they also had restored photo booths. I still find photo-booth pictures so ridiculously precious compared to a couple of MB on your smart phones to look at.

Photos: Max Kandler

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White Cap (by Cynthia Nguyen)Check out my new post on the blog while I was in San Fran:

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06.09.14 /02:03

Anthropologie Jodie Dolan Sweater
H&M white sleeveless shirt
Zara White Asymmetrical Skort
J. Crew Jade Etta Pumps
J. Crew Eyelet Baseball Cap
Danier Leather Handbag
Fossil Rose Gold Watch

Hey guys! Just got back from my trip from San Francisco and have lots to share! I stayed for about a week with a self-made and jam-packed itinerary via Microsoft Excel.

My official day in San Fran (not including my brutal flight with American Airlines..) started with spending the day with my girlfriend, Fiona! Since I was staying around downtown Union Square of SF, I took the Caltrain for my first time down to Mountain View to visit her at the head office of Google. To my surprise when I see her, she greets me with a bag of cookies with my name on it! Haha. She is a super talented designer who is currently interning at Google for the summer and was kind enough to give me a personal and googily tour of the place, accompanied with dinner together…and in between all that, more *healthy* snacks. Horray, for free snacks! Thanks for the sweet and temporarily noogler experience!
Photos: Fiona Yeung

PS. We’re also wearing the same Zara skort. 

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TNA Military Anorak Jacket (similar here)
Zara Man’s Royal Crowns dress shirt
Banana Republic Jeans
J. Crew Jade Etta Pumps
Topshop Necklace
Emily Woudenberg WWW Stud Earrings
Fossil Rose Gold Watch

It’s always so intriguing to see how one can work a man’s shirt. And today was just one of those day’s where I managed to borrow one…within reason because of the weather of course! Thinking it was going to be super warm and sunny like yesterday’s golden weather, I was prepared to wear a sleeveless shirt and accordion pleated skirt. Eventually that fell through and a makeshift ensemble was in order with an entire man’s wardrobe at my fingertips and a spare pair of my own jeans for today’s cool day.

Earlier today I got to meet up with the super stylish and lovely, (inside and out!) Therese De Jesus! The force and magic behind Artiese Photography. Although, she was off duty (haha, get it? Courtesy of Zara) we spontaneously decided to take some impromptu photos. Not only does she work the camera, *pun intended* she also has an amazing style and could be her own fashion guru. And that is why we intent to become each other’s photo monkeys. Who needs blogger boyfriends when you have your girlfriends right? 
I can’t wait to share more later on. Happy Wednesday guys!
Photos: Artiese Photography

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Melanie Lynn Tweed Coat
Mexx Denim Dress
Banana Republic Gold Chain Necklace
J. Crew Shields Necklace
Fossil Rose Gold Watch
Zara Black Thin Strap Heels
Danier Plum Leather Bag


Hope you guys had a good weekend. The majority of mine was recovering from being sick, but I was fortunate enough to be able to come out and get some air and solid food. Good weather calls for group festivities, patios and Kensington Market! My mom and I’s OOTD is actually from last-last-Sunday from my cousin’s kids’ baptism. She is wearing a Laura-petite dress (comes with a matching pink blazer) but instead opt. for a light white sweater, finishing the look with Nine West heels. More to come this week since the days are looking better, as well as my health. I’m also really looking forward to ABGT next Saturday and another surprise following that! #grouptherapylove 
Photos: Cindy Nguyen

PS. If you have any suggestions where to find great sandwiches in Toronto, let me know! x

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I’m introducing to you guys a new feature on the blog.
Every Tuesday of the week, I’ll be hyping a type choice I found. 

I present to you one of Barcelona’s Lo Siento Studio’s greatest work and type…
the 4D type! I just stumbled upon this type and found their website and studio…and boy does it make my heart melt to see amazing type, especially all the lettering work on
Lo Siento’s site. The 4D type is made of paper that is approximately 30 x 40.
Photos: Lo Siento Studio

Hopefully you guys enjoy!


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