Les Graphicants are a Paris-based design studio and collective who create advertisements and posters for some of the most famous cultural and artistic institutions in France. They have designed several posters for the Centre Pompidou, publicizing their large-scale special exhibitions, as well as several posters for the Ballet, Paris Metro, and other exhibitions and shows. Their design point-of-view is clean, bold, and minimal, using digital collage techniques and a primarily black-and-white palette to create eye-catching compositions. (Trendland)


It’s no secret that I love to all things French, but to see the French do beautiful design other than fashion— now that’s just hitting my soft side. They seem to breath a different kind of experimental life into their work. At the moment, I’m very fixated on the idea of printing, then framing some of my favourite design posters alongside with abstract artwork and black and white photography. I would do all this in a heart beat, but I would have to find a new home where I am permitted to drill holes into the wall…until then.

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Lace Trim (by Cynthia Nguyen)http://www.pinchofchic.com/

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Pinch of Chic
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Topshop Colour Block Fedora Hat (See similar here.)
Forever21 Collarless Faux Fur Jacket (See similar here.)
Pink Tartan White Suiting Trousers
Zara Stripped Long Sleeve Shirt
Zara Black Thin Strap Mule Heels
Anderson’s Navy Woven Belt 
Anice Stamped Initial Pendant Necklace
American Eagle Astrology and Gold Initial Earrings
Danier Black Leather Handbag

Whether you’re uncertain about something… always challenge yourself anyways. I was deeply contemplating if wearing this fur coat would make me look funny— for instance having any close resemblance to a mountain yeti. It’s out there (for me), it’s fun, it’s also pretty warm, and extremely soft. From my experience living in Canada, we’re exposed to all four seasons. It’s typically hard to make room for coats, but I love layering. I remember vaguely being brought up in North Bay; at age 3 or 4, there was a photograph taken while I was in a white fur jacket and place in the middle of my house covered in snow. All you could see was my round chubby face in a sea of white. I wish I could have done a before and after comparison. Funny enough, that short memory sparked my interest in getting this coat.

Speaking of dressing coats— last weekend was Nuit Blanche. An overnight event (7pm-7am) where you will get frost hands and a sight filled with creativity and art installations on the streets that takes place every year in Toronto. From my point of view, a perfect evening in Toronto can be participating in evening street festivals or events in the nippy weather, accompanied by huge group of close friends and perhaps some warm tea. For most of the event, walking or taking your bike/bixi  is a better way to get from one destination to another. I find that public transportation is not the best idea during this event since it’s ridiculous crowded, most of which a large percentage are overly impaired.

Sunday: I enjoyed sleeping in and grabbing Pho for breakfast in Ossington. Sounds like a great way to end the weekend right? Afterwards, I finally went to experience eating at a place called Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery, where I got London Fog ice cream and vanilla bean in a fresh made Hong Kong egg waffle cone. Whoever said that eating ice cream in the middle of Autumn was a stupid idea clearly doesn’t know what they’re missing out on. London fog ice cream is just too perfect for this season. I personally love Ossington, being an area where you can find countless vintage stores and the best locally owned restaurants and cafes. Paying a visit here is a good idea since everything is typically less expensive and in my opinion, more rustic and crafty. My favourite place is Bellwoods Brewery.

I’m always interested in what others have to suggest.
What’s your favourite cafe or restaurant in your area?


Have a great day! 
Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and for more: follow this journey

Photos: Maximilan Kandler

Club Monaco Kareema Cropped Cable (See similar here and here.)
Club Monaco Taura Pleated Lace Skirt
JustFab Sanna Heels
J. Crew Wild Flower Necklace
J. Crew Gold Drop Earrings

Vintage Seiko Gold Watch c/o Mum 

Happy Tuesday to all my lovely folks. I hope everyone in Toronto is not too bothered with drunk Mother Nature. I know I’m enjoy every bit of the staggering, warm weather. I still love Autumn regardless— it’s my favourite time of the year… to indulge in all meals that contain pumpkin (more so desserts…) as well as stock up on Bath and Bodywork’s seasonal candles. On a side yet relevant note: I am very determined to attempt baking a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese icing. If successful, I will document my process and upload the outcome! If not, I’ll let you know where to find the best pumpkin cake. I’m hoping to also brush up on my piping skills in order to make a rose cake. Fingers crossed.

Because it’s autumn but we’re still holding onto summer for dear life— I found that it’s imperative to own a timeless, at the same time super appropriate sleeveless sweater. As of late, I’ve always pondered and wanted to wear a midi accordion-pleated skirt without looking matronly and short. Seeing the lace trim on this silhouette— it effectively carries a very sophisticated tone and adds the illusion of more length to my legs via exposed through the lace. To ease my deep and not-so hidden obsession for Sophia Webster, I scored a pair of very cost-effective heels from JustFab for about $20. (JustFab has this VIP membership program going on where you simply sign up and with any first purchase, it’ll be $20.) They look like a spitting image of the Mila heels by Webster. Don’t you agree?

Speaking of shoes. What’s your must-have footwear for this fall?


Shout out to one of my best girlfriends: Lilly.
Happy belated Birthday Lovey!

Photos: Maximilan Kandler

Melanie Lynn Tweed Coat
Ann Taylor Petite Mixed Button Down Shirt
Ann Taylor Cabana Stripe Long Shorts
Anice Stamped Initial Pendant Necklace
Vintage Skinny Leather Belt
Danier Black Leather Handbag
Zara Black Thin Strap Ankle Heels

Here’s an outfit from last week. After pondering for a while and the goal to be more comfortable at work, I decided to break out all my satin pants for my nine to five days. Usually people wouldn’t think that wearing satin pants to an office environment would be appropriate… since they’re more so meant for being worn inside the bedroom or lounging around in the house. But I managed to elevate them in a way that it would be suitable at the same time, relaxing for work.

I chose a silky and oversized, striped variation to help give the illusion of more length and to appear more like a gathered, pleated skirt. Hope you guys are prepared to see more satin pants and shorts appearing more often on my blog— because boy, are they comfy. Pajamas for work ftw!

On a more personal opinionated note, I recalled Lindsay Lohan making an app similar to ‘The Hunt’ or the ‘Shazam’ for clothing called, Spotted Friend. Since I was hunting for a particular shirt, I googled the most accurate platform to aid me in this search. After surfing the net for the first couple of minutes, I found a video of Lohan on Ellen’s show talking about the app she built with her brother. In my honest opinion, I don’t quite know how I feel about the branding of the application or the type treatment on the website, let alone how the app might function. First impressions are the most important, right? One would think that someone like Lohan would be very conscious about her image and the comeback products she’s involved with… That being said, I didn’t look further into downloading the app.

How do you feel about Spotted Friend?
PS. Any good application to use to find the exact or similar items?

Photos: Maximilan Kandler and Anna Liang-Fraser

Fringe Darling (by Cynthia Nguyen)http://www.pinchofchic.com/blog/2014/7/27/fringed-darling

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J Crew Contrast Knit Blazer
J. Crew Black Jersey Eyelet Top
Gap Gingham Button-down shirt

Vintage Herringbone Mini Skirt
Banana Republic Chain Necklace
J. Crew Stud Earrings
Vintage Coach Cross Body
To Be Announced Esther Boots

My #OOTD for the Hamilton’s Super Crawl on Saturday.

I’m excited to share one of my favourite events that happens once every year in my hometown, Hamilton… the Super Crawl. It’s one of the few events that I’ve been attending for the last 3 years now and the inspiration for my first blog. Originally… For those who didn’t know— I started a street style blog called Steel Oneself based in Hamilton with my dear friend Matt. We started in the summer of 2011; photographing Hamiltonians who showcased individuality through their personal style. Meeting people while photographing them lead to hearing about the Art Crawl. From there, we started attending, photographing and blogging about the people in Hamilton who went to the Art Crawls, including the Super Crawl that happens in September. Steel Oneself was a collective of Hamilton’s visual culture, charm and its folks. 

Visit Steel Oneself.

 In the last year— It became increasingly difficult for Matt and I to continue Steel Oneself with our relocation to Toronto for school. My new year’s resolution is to maintain an outlet where I can express myself through various mediums which I’m passionate in producing and sharing with others.

Attending this year’s Super Crawl allowed me to reminisce about my previous experiences in blogging, photographing, and encouraged me to do what I do today. 

What is the most inspirational event you’ve attended and why?
And for those of you who blog: what has inspired you to start blogging? 
Just curious!

Photos: Maximilian Kandler

Alex Dress by Babaton (Aritzia)
J Crew Contrast Knit Blazer
Anice Stamped Initial Pendant Necklace
Banana Republic Stud Earrings
Danier White Leather Passport Holder (Used as Clutch)
Zara Thin Strap Mule Heels
Bobby Brown lipstick in Crushed Plum

Happy Monday everyone.

My #OOTD for a day at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Just to keep you guys in the loop— no I have not been slacking on purpose. I recently forgot my laptop charger at my parent’s home in Stoney Creek…and since then, my laptop has been dead. It’s taken me a bit more time to get photos and this post together. I’ve even has to ask one of my buddy’s to borrow his laptop. (Shoutout to Jamie for that.) 

Autumn’s coming— time to find a trench. Any idea where to find a nice drape one?
I find it difficult looking for one thats Petite in all the right places, especially the arm length without having to go and alter it.

Photos: Maximilian Kandler

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