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 Wilfred Cocoon Wool Coat
J. Crew Gold Shield Necklace
Thrifted Black Sweater
Thrifted Ivory Satin Top
Thrifted Aeropostale Jeans (They received a trimming job, haha)
J Crew Collection Etta Plaid Studded Pumps

Spring weather is kicking in. Internet is flooded with articles about musical festivals and promos for steep priced tickets. My Facebook feed is filled with wanderlust and virtual tears of joy or stress. The highlights of my days?— I stay indoors to work or study. Although, I did make the most of my Sunday and went to Trinity Bellwood area to source paper and eat at my favourite restaurant, Kalendar!) Every chance I get to go outside, whether it’s to go out to print or walk to the library, that’s when I get my chance to heavily embrace the sun’s rays and the smell of fresh rain in the evening. I’m also considering looking for a classic trench or a white perforated anorak to replace my boring green one. We’ll see though. Final month before school ends!
I’m personally surprised I’m still alive and going. 
Photos: Max Kandler

Best of luck to everyone! x 

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Generative design operates as visual recource focusing on parametric design and generative design. Being highly selective this image will make a good extension. Also take a look at my own work in the field of pattern
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